With the increasing proliferation of mobile devices, huge volumes of mobile voice and data are consumed by people during their commute. People make calls, view emails, watch videos, browse the internet and play games on the go. Our wireless mobile solution provides a wide range of coverage for different transportations:

  • High Speed Train Tunnels
  • Road Tunnels
  • Rail Roads


Comba’s end-to-end mobile coverage solution could accommodate multi-operator networks that support multi-technology systems. For tunnels coverage, our optical repeaters are deployed along with leaky cables inside tunnels to distribute mobile signals.


In order to provide an efficient mobile coverage on high-speed trains, the network must ensure smooth handover between different tunnel sectors. Otherwise, passengers will experience frequent drop calls and slow internet connections. Comba is capable of providing a robust and reliable mobile network in handling such high speed and high capacity requirements with the Comflex series of active DAS high power solution and high gain antennas are suitable for tunnels implementation.


Our solutions are implemented at:

  • The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Rail is one of fastest railways in the world with maximum speeds of 380 km/h. The 113km journey between Beijing and Tianjin now takes 30 minutes, shortened from the original 70 minutes.
  • The Qinghai-Tibet railroad is the worlds' highest altitude railway consisting of 45 stations and 2000km of railway.


Our solution is implemented around the world including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and Americas.